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5 Risks of Improper Biomedical Waste Disposal

The business of biomedical waste disposal in Texas is serious with numerous rules and regulations governing it. Surprisingly, many medical professionals are lacking the awareness to the potential issues and risks associated with improper biomedical waste disposal. Here are 5 risks to be aware of: Legal responsibility for the biomedical waste disposal by a third party Financially responsible for any negative consequences Danger to personnel and patients Danger towards the community Reputation put in jeopardy That’s why not just any biomedical waste disposal company in Texas will do. You need to enlist the services of Excel Medical Waste. Call us today […]

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Guide to Biomedical Waste Management In a Veterinary Office

From managing employees and caring for pet patients, the challenges of running your own veterinary practice are easy to see, but utilizing the services of biomedical waste management can reduce your stress. Unfortunately, most veterinarians do not have the proper knowledge on how to dispose of supplies and waste.  Here are a few key things to understand when disposing of waste in your veterinary office. Sharps Your vet practice will use a lot of needles, syringes, scalpels, and other sharp tools or supplies. Known as sharps, these tools may be used for testing, vaccinations, or surgical procedures. Not only will an […]

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Sharps Containers And Your Medical Waste Management

No matter what type of medical facility you own or operate, chances are that sharps are going to comprise at least some part of your medical waste; consequently, handling and disposing of sharps will be part of your management of that medical waste.  Sharps medical waste is defined as items like needles, scalpels, razor blades, broken glass ampoules and more that can cause cuts or puncture injuries.  Because sharps are such a prevalent danger in healthcare settings, it is of utmost importance that they are placed in appropriate containers for post-use storage and disposition.  Before you select the containers to […]

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What are the Types of Biomedical Waste That Require Disposal?

Every Healthcare Facility generates biomedical waste. There are several different types of biomedical waste and they all have specific protocols on how to handle and dispose of the waste for optimal safety and protection. Regulated medical waste is the most common and includes used needles and syringes, soiled dressing, body parts and laboratory samples. Bio-hazard waste is similar to Regulated medical waste but also includes blood and potentially infectious material. Trace chemotherapy waste includes all the items used in administering chemotherapy such as the tubing, vials, gowns, gloves, syringes and IVs. It’s important that every type of biomedical waste is […]

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Who Regulates Medical Waste Disposal Services In Texas?

When you call Excel Medical Waste Disposal Services to collect and transport your medical waste to our facility for treatment and disposal, we will not only work diligently and professionally but we will also follow all state and federal guidelines associated with the handling of medical waste.  State and federal regulations that govern the handling and disposal of regulated medical waste (RMW) exist for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is protecting the public from infectious waste that can harbor a number of disease-causing agents.  The agencies that regulate RMW in Texas are: Texas Commission on Environmental […]

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Hiring Medical Waste Services for Proper Disposal Of Dental Waste

Running a dental practice can be an overwhelming experience, but hiring medical waste services can reduce the stress of managing your practice. Considering an estimated 15 percent of healthcare waste is infectious or toxic, following recommended guidelines to dispose of waste in your dental office is imperative for the health of your employees, patients and the community. Here are a few key things to consider when disposing and handling waste in your dental office. Amalgam Amalgam is the material used to fill cavities. It is a mixture of different metals, which may include copper, silver, and mercury. Zinc, palladium, and […]

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Some of the Common Mistakes made in Medical Waste Management

No matter the type of medical facility you’re in charge of, proper medical waste disposal is important. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes made in medical waste management. Employees who aren’t properly trained don’t follow the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP). Education is important to ensure that your employees are following correct procedure in disposing medical waste. Containers are often mishandled and not labelled correctly. This includes leaving containers open and not putting the correct medical waste in the correct containers. Proper employee training can help remedy this common error as well. Incorrect waste […]

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Sterilization Methods of Biomedical Waste Services in Texas

Biomedical waste services in Texas are a necessity for all types of medical facilities in the Lone Star State, helping to ensure that the environment remains healthy for all Texans. There are a number of ways biomedical waste can be handled safely, but the entire process requires everyone involved from the generation of the waste through the final stages of handling to take an active role in dealing with waste products. According to the World Health Organization, incineration used to be the most popular method of handling medical waste. Though this process is still in use, different biomedical waste services […]

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How Medical Waste Management in Texas Affects Dental Offices

Dental offices must follow the same federal and state laws regarding waste disposal as medical facilities. Mercury from dental fillings, regulated solid waste, and bloodborne pathogens are the three types of dental office waste that must be disposed of according to EPA/OSHA regulations. Much of the mercury found in the environment has been shown to come from dental waste, and dental offices need to follow a national standard for disposal. Regulated medical waste (RMW) poses a risk of infection if disposed of in the normal fashion. Common regulated medical wastes created by dental offices include: Blood and body fluids, which […]

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Protect Private Medical Documents with Medical Waste Management

In a healthcare office, the paperwork can pile up quickly. You can’t just throw it out. It has to be disposed of properly according to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). There are certain standards and protocols when it comes to handling sensitive medical information. You want to comply with the standards and dispose of sensitive information properly. At Excel Medical Waste, you can bundle your medical waste and document disposal services and have it disposed of professionally. We can help with the old files and backlog of information. Call today to find out what services […]

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