Waste Segregation Guidelines Regulated Medical Waste
- Reg Bags Waste

Blood/Blood Products & OPIM - Examples:               
          Regulated Medical Waste
  • Saturated dressings, gowns, gloves & other materials
  • Containers, tubes, catheters with fluid  blood, blood
    products or OPIM i.e., suction devices, blood administration
    & drainage sets
  • Dialysis tubing & dialyzers/filters
  • Vaginal speculums 
  • Microbiology  specimens, used culture plates 
  • Pathology specimens & placentas
  • Isolation waste
  • Spill clean-up items 
  • Sharps Containers
  • Needles & syringes
  • Blades, lancets, suture needles & disposable razors
  • Contaminated glass i.e., pipettes, slides, cover slips, tubes & broken lab glass 
  • Disposable suture sets, biopsy forceps, broken instruments

Chemotherapy Waste
Chemotherapy Waste (RMW)
Chemotherapy Bag or Sharps Container
Trace-contaminated items from preparation &
administration of antineoplastic/cytotoxic drugs                              
- Examples:

Chemotherapy Waste
  • Gowns
  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Barriers
  • Empty IV tubing, bags & bottle          
  • Empty drug vials
  • Spill clean-up kits used for 50 cc or less
  • HEPA filters from chemotherapy laminar air hoods
  • Needles & syringes
 Solid Waste (Trash)  Solid Waste (Trash)                                                               
Solid Waste (Trash) 
  • Wrappers, boxes, packaging, computer paper, office waste
  • Unused medical or lab devices & supplies
  • PPE (unsaturated), exam or cleaning gloves
  • Food service waste (cans, paper cups, plastic utensils)
  • IV bags, bottles & tubing without needles
  • Suction canisters without OPIM
  • Syringes without needles or OPIM
  • Urine & stool containers, urinary  bags/tubing, diapers, under pads
  • Respiratory tubing & masks from oxygen, ventilators &  anesthesia
  • Empty fluid collection vessels
  • Feminine hygiene products

 Hazardous Waste Container Hazardous Waste      
Hazardous Waste Container                                                                
Hazardous Waste Container
  • Outdated/unused (bulk) chemotherapy drugs
  • Certain pharmaceuticals
  • Mercury-filled devices, i.e., blood pressure apparatus & thermometers
  • Used solvents, stains, paints & thinner
  • Chemicals such as formaldehyde & formalin, acetone, toluene
    & mercury fixatives
  • Drums or other containers with "hazardous" label
  • Radioactive material lab coats, paper towels
  • Disposable basins, bedpans & urinals
  • Used Batteries