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About Us

The Excel Purpose

The Excel team has over 35 years of combined experience in the waste industry and compliance. We are locally owned and operated with a strong team made up of medical professionals, waste industry veterans and operation specialist. We feel this allows us to see all sides of the business from both the customers’ needs and from a vendor stance. Our hands- on approach enables us to provide our clients with exceptional personalized service at affordable rates.

While involved in the medical field we saw many failures of the medical waste transporters. Many would mot provide timely service; others charged high monthly fees, contracts would be five years with warnings of extensive penalties if you cancelled.

This is how Excel Medical Waste Services Texas was born. We understood that an alternative was needed that would address all the previously mentioned failures; A comprehensive medical waste removal program that was customer oriented, provided straight forward competitive pricing, responded to emergency pickups and would allow the customer to truly tailor the program to their needs.

The Excel Vision

To become the industry leader of medical waste services Texas by providing solutions that meet our customers needs. We offer transparent service agreements, affordable pricing, superb customer service and flexible disposal scheduling. Excel strives to be more than just another medical waste transporter by offering a wide array of ancillary services to help our customers manage* the ever changing compliance mine field

Our Environmental Role

We are committed to helping keep our environment safe through proper waste segregation and by managing our operations in an environmentally responsible way. We strive to use the most current technology to minimize our environmental footprint. Therefore protecting our community, and ensuring the environmental integrity for present and future generations.