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Onsite OSHA & HIPAA Compliance

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Onsite OSHA & HIPAA web

Excel Medical Waste offers a comprehensive program for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulatory compliance. Excel’s program allows convenient, timely training and mandatory regulations are adhered to, hassle-free.

Excel’s premiere compliance program includes OSHA, HIPAA or both combined including Onsite Audit, Onsite Consulting, Employee Training and Compliance Now.

OSHA Compliance

Excel Medical Waste Disposal offers complete and robust OSHA compliance training that goes above and beyond the OSHA manual and forms.

Annual Onsite Visit and Consultation:

Our program includes an annual on-site with a certified occupational safety specialist. During this visit, annual required employee training for blood borne pathogens and a mock OSHA audit are performed. These visits allow for hassle-free OSHA compliance and convenience for legally required training.

Annual Employee Training:

OSHA requires annual employee training. Excel’s professionals hold onsite trainings to educate your employees and answer questions they may have. These trainings are customized to your practice needs, and the instructors will ensure all needs are met.

Online Employee Training:

The online employee training is available for employees who may have missed the annual training or are new hires in your practice. This available training allows for OSHA compliance documentation before new hires report to work.

Compliance Now:

Excel Medical Waste’s online compliance portal gives you instant access to training and materials when you need it. In the Compliance Now dashboard, you have the ability to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest information. The online compliance portal offers flexibility for training staff during your business hours so you can feel confident with the level of compliance of federal regulations.

HIPAA Compliance

Excel Medical Waste’s premiere compliance program also offers HIPAA training and consultation. Not only will you receive the required training, but you will get personalized attention and risk assessment addressing your practice.

Annual Onsite Visit:

  • Review HIPAA policies and procedures to identify PHI risk
  • HIPAA gap analysis to discover potential privacy and security issues
  • Identify potential threats or risks
  • Employee training to keep your practice compliant