Sharps Containers And Your Medical Waste Management
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Sharps Containers And Your Medical Waste Management

No matter what type of medical facility you own or operate, chances are that sharps are going to comprise at least some part of your medical waste; consequently, handling and disposing of sharps will be part of your management of that medical waste.  Sharps medical waste is defined as items like needles, scalpels, razor blades, broken glass ampoules and more that can cause cuts or puncture injuries.  Because sharps are such a prevalent danger in healthcare settings, it is of utmost importance that they are placed in appropriate containers for post-use storage and disposition.  Before you select the containers to use in your facility for sharps management, consider these factors:

They Must Comply With Federal Regulations
According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), sharps disposal containers must be made of rigid plastic and should have a marked line that indicates when the container is full and ready for disposal.  The container can come in a variety of sizes, including small, portable sizes, and can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

They Must Have Enough Capacity For Everyday Use
Ensure that you choose sharps containers that are large enough to meet your daily needs.  If your facility produces a lot of sharps waste, you should purchase larger containers.  You may end up spending more money on small containers if you underestimate your sharps waste.

They Must Be Made Of The Correct Type Of Material
Let the FDA guideline help you to choose containers.  They must not only be rigid plastic, they must also be durable, puncture-resistant and leak-proof.

They Must Close Securely
All sharps containers must close securely when full for transportation to a disposal site.  Choose containers that seal with permanent, strong and secure closure mechanisms.

They Must Include A Way To Check Fill Levels
Sharps containers are not meant to be filled to the brim.  Generally two-thirds full is the optimal capacity for these types of containers so there should be a way of checking the level of sharps inside. Translucent or clear plastic containers and those with fill lines are the best choices for ensuring that containers don’t become dangerously overfilled.

They Must Be Easy To Use
Select sharps containers that are easiest to use in your facility.  If you have large sharps, choose large containers.  If you require your sharps containers to be moved from room to room, choose a wheeled version.  Your containers must also be conspicuous so that your employees will be able to find them easily.

If your Louisiana facility produces sharps and/or other medical waste, call Excel Medical Waste Disposal Services at (888) 338-7255 for all of your medical waste management needs.  You can also visit to find out more about our services, including waste disposal, document shredding and storage and on-site HIPAA/OSHA consulting.

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